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#1 Escrito el 04 Marzo 2009, 17:35 | Editado el 26 Setiembre 2010, 13:52

I've created a calendar of events for Daytona this week. go to and click on the calendar link. Once there it's easiest to click on "Agenda" on the calendar to see a detailed listing of events and times. I hope you find this useful. See you in Daytona, I'll be working the Ducati Island on Friday. Stop in and say hello!


#2 Escrito el 24 Agosto 2010, 12:37

Great job, but I think it's impossible to do such thinks without custom papers, do you agree?

#3 Escrito el 26 Setiembre 2010, 13:52

ok, if not to take personally, i think ephedra could really help you out in this nice occasion