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#1 Escrito el 27 Marzo 2009, 17:47 | Editado el 26 Setiembre 2010, 13:53

I must go on a business trip next month and I need to make a good impression. I might get promoted if everything works out. I need to lose almost 22 pounds till then. Friends suggested to start a diet, which one is better and how can I be sure I`ll lose weight? Thanks a lot.

#2 Escrito el 27 Marzo 2009, 17:52

My suggestion is to take weight loss pills.

#3 Escrito el 30 Marzo 2009, 14:07

The Atkins diet or the South Beach diet work great for MEN. You will lose weight quickly. Just stop eating carbs, eat more protein and exercise. go to the South Beach Diet site and get more information. Hope this helps and Good Luck on your job!

#4 Escrito el 08 Julio 2010, 12:54

well, if you want to lose the weight fast, you need to begin low-calorie diet and do exercise like every day. in two weeks you can loose almost 15-20 lbs, but not more, 'cause it will be bad for your health. I know much about losing weight, 'cause my dissertation was about healthy food and different diets, so ask questions if you feel like need to

#5 Escrito el 26 Setiembre 2010, 13:53

ok, so if to be completely sure carpenter ant can be rather helpful, if your eally believe there is some gret idea about it