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Question1: What exactly are types of research method ?

Answer: Basically it's definition too simple or short, let's understand from its example, A project on the English language in between students do research, when English is invented, which country do speak the English language, English grammar, punctuation, slung, phrases, etc they have to find start to endpoint about it. That is called research. Maybe research takes 3 or 4 months it's depends on the size of the assignment which is given by your teacher, if you feeling doubts then reach out to me.

Question 2 what is the main purpose of research?

Answer According to me, it helps to collect deep knowledge of the particular subject and become a specialist or expert of the subject or profile.

Question 3 what are the types of research?

Answer exploratory and explanatory, these are the type of research.

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Aquests catalans cada dia parlen més rar...

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Ques que sé se merde??