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The Mosaic stepper motor (part no. STEPMOT-1) is a four phase, unipolar, permanent magnet stepper motor. It is a standard size, 200-steps-per-revolution, nema 17 (1.7 in. square footprint, 5 mm shaft diameter), 12 V motor. This motor, like most stepper motors is a permanent magnet motor. The Mosaic stepper is typical of common high resolution motors – a full revolution requires 200 steps, while each step turns the shaft only 1.8° for a full step, or 0.9° in half-stepping mode. This sized motor is commonly used in household appliances, medical equipment, stage lighting devices, and in various industrial control applications.

The following are the specifications of the motor:

Stepper Motor SpecificationsMosaic Part No.:STEPMOT-1Manufacturer Part No.:


Size:NEMA 17Drive system:UnipolarStep angle:

1.8° full step motor

0.9° half-step motor

Phase/Windings:Voltage & Current:12V at 400 mAResistance per Phase:30 ohmsInductance per Phase:23 mHHolding Torque:2000 g-cmDetent Torque:220 g-cm maxWeight:0.24 kg (0.5 lbs.)Max continuous power:Rotor Inertia:22 g-cm2Bearings:BallLeads:18 in. 26 AWG UL 1007Insulation resistance:>100 MΩ at 500VDCDielectric strength:500V 50Hz/minuteMounting hole space diagonal:1.73 in.Mounting screws:3 mm dia.
0.5 mm pitchShaft diameter:0.197 in. (5 mm)Motor footprint:1.7 in. × 1.7 in.Motor height:1.5 in.Ambient temperature:-10°C to +55°C

The motor has six wires, connected to two split windings as is common for unipolar stepper motors:

Fig. 3 Size and physical dimensions of a NEMA 17 stepper motor

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