Honda XR 125 L

Honda XR 125 L

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Fuel Consumption, low maintenance and dual-porpose capability

Lo peor

Fun bike but 11,2hp isn't to enough at long term usage


Although I have other bikes I think this one is still my favourite. It gives me the feeling that I can ride whenever I want wherever I want and keep things like fuel, oil or maintenance completely out of my mind. 1 Tank of fuel (10 + 2 litres) gives me about 270+60km (this is city and off-road consumptions. Once I did 330km at 80km/h without hiting the reserve, wich means 3.03L/100km. My XR125 has 24,000km and so far I had no mechanical problems at all. Despite de low maintenance and consumptions I feel that this is a very balanced bike, very confortable and evenly capable to be your everyday bike in the city and your off-road/trail bike for the weekends. The "lows" of the bike are obviously it's low-powered engine (11,2hp) that limits the speed at about 100-110km/h. Its quite enough for city usage or soft-offroad usage, but it gets a bit annoying for long distances (specially if you use highways...I always go for worst/narrowest/wildest rute I can find =P) The stock tires are quite good for all kinds of usage mentioned above. Since you don't have the horse power or the suspensions to drive agressively in off-road environments you really don't need to get motocross tires. Same thing about super-motard tires... I don't think you'll need them. The bike is very balanced with a low gravity-centre wich allows it to curve quite enjoyably. It was my rookie opinion. I hope its useful.